This group of U.S. veterans knows their team will finish the Baja 1000. But will that Honda CRF450x make it to La Paz before the 45 hour countdown?

Can a team of motorcycle riding Iraq and Afghanistan U.S. Veterans make it across the 45th Baja 1000 finish line in 45 hours?

Race For The Wounded Article 10 brings Team TCB across the finish line of the 45th Baja 1000. It is not that Team TCB won’t make it. It’s will they make it within the 45 hour time limit. It is a harrowing race against the clock.

The Race For The Wounded article series was written as the story was told to by Brett Robinson. Adreana Langston is an SEO Specialist at Transamerican Auto Parts, owner of 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. 4WD is a sponsor of Team TCB.

Read the entire Race For The Wounded Article 10 here.

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