As some of you know John, and I were on the Dirt Live Show hosted by George Antill. The set is located in Roger Normans shop, and he stopped in to see how things were going. Roger is the new owner of Score International, and a champion Baja racer. John and I spent the day at the shop talking to Roger and George before the show about everything racing, and how RFTW is trying to help get our wounded racing. I talked to Roger about medical support for the 1000, in hopes of getting some of our wounded military medics involved. Roger was very open to this telling me that if I could get 3 medics down to the race he would put them in medical support trucks for the race!! So if you know any wounded medics that would like to spend a few days providing medical support for this years Baja 1000 please have them go to the Wounded Racer tab on the site and fill out the information.

We are going to be in for some changes for the Sportsman Class motorcycles as some of you have seen this 500. Roger is big on safety, he has made some changes cutting the corse for the Sportsman Class in an effort tho keep them out in front of the trucks. Roger is thinking of starting the motorcycles right after the riders meeting for the 1000. This will get the bikes started 12 hrs. ahead of the trucks! The bike will be starting at night, and this will add a new twist to the 1000. Our team is going to need to rethink our strategy for the race.

I thought I would share some of the photos we took of the shop with all of you.

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