Hey everyone,

RFTW has some BIG NEWS!!! Some of the guys are going to be going to Baja with Colin Edwards and his Baja 1000 team. RFTW will be showing them around Baja and just what they are getting into racing the 1000!


If you don’t know who Colin Edwards is I will give you a bit of background on him.

Colin Edwards, aka (The Texas Tornado) is a two-time World Superbike champion and has been competing in MotoGP since 2003. MotoGP is the Formula 1 of the motorcycle world. Only a few of the best riders in the world even make it to this level of racing. Think about this, of all the racers in America only three race in MotoGP.


Colin has always been one of my favorit racers for two very good reasons.

1) He is an American!! Need I say anymore about that??

2) He is 100% behind the men and woman that defend this great country of ours!

This is a man that travels the world racing motorcycles at the highest level yet always finds the time in EVERY country that he is in to stop by a military base and say thank you to our brave men and woman for their service, and sacrifice. Colin Edwards is an American FIRST, and for that RFTW thanks him.

All of this started by my contacting Mr. Mike Myers, manger of the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. Colin, Mike, and other great riders run the boot camp to help riders of all levels sharpen their skills at his riding school (located outside of Huston Tx.) I let Mike know what RFTW was all about, helping our wounded veterans get into racing and how I thought it would be a great if we could send some guys and gals to his school. In no time at all I got a call from Mike letting me know that it would be great helping the veterans. (More to come on this!)

A day later a buddy gave me a call telling me that Colin is going to be racing the 1000 this year. (Scott knows I am a big fan.) After that Mike gave me a call asking if RFTW could give them a hand.

So now Colin Edwards the Texas Tornado is going to be backing Race For The Wounded!!! I would like to give a special thank you to Mike Myers who has helped to make all of this possible!


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