Joshua Sust was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 20th 1987. After graduating from high school in 2006 he was on a bus to Parris Island MCRD. After 13 grueling weeks he finally accomplished his greatest achievement, becoming a United States Marine. Upon completion of boot camp PVT Sust was off to SOI and was headed to the Fleet Marine Force with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.

Cpl Sust spent a total of 7 years with 2/4 with three deployments. His first two were the 31st and 11th MEU. On his last and final deployment CPL Sust was deployed to Helmand Provence, Afghanistan in September of 2011. On a day he will never forget which has come to be known as his alive day. November 12, 2011 at around 0830 Cpl Sust was on a mounted patrol when his vehicle was hit by and IED causing his door to be blown off and ejected. His injuries were massive, TBI, PTSD, shattered tub/fib, left foot with open fractures on both bones in his left arm. After years of therapy and 9 surgeries later CPL Sust was medically retired from the Marine Corps in Aug 2013.


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Now as a retired Marine Joshua finds the best therapy for him is being around his combat brothers, hunting, fishing, and riding his motorcycle.