SFC Gabriel Monreal has been in the Army for over 16 years and is currently stationed at Ft Sam Houston, Tx. as the Operations Integration Center NCO. Over the last 16 years Gabriel has conducted three combat tours, two in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan.

On the 24th of August 2010 while assigned to Charlie Co. 2/327 “NO SLACK” 101st Screaming Eagles as a Platoon Sergeant he was struck by a recoilless rifle round which ended up taking off his left leg below the knee. He also caught shrapnel in the abdomen, right leg, and right forearm. He was Medevaced to Germany, and was eventually pushed stateside. On the 24th of November exactly three months to the day after being wounded he was playing catch with his father and brother.

Gabriel has been married to his wife Rachel for 14 years, and they have four children together. Izabella 13, Matius 11, Layla 9, and Noah 8. Gabriel, and Rachel’s goal is to teach their children “when life gets tough or different that one should identify the change that needs to be made, assemble a plan on how to overcome, and most importantly to execute!”

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